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Exclusive special massages

Schneeberg massage ritual

An exclusive ritual, specifically developed for our guests. This ceremonial opens with a foot bath, followed by a full body peeling with a glove and a mixture of massages techniques combined with hot stones and cup massage that promotes the relaxation. This ritual will be carved into your memory.

Price for full body massage: 99,00 € for 80 min.
Price for partial massage: 69,00 € für 50 min.

Schneeberg body massage

Careful hands will spread sesame oil over your whole body. Have a break, relax and awaken a new vital spirit within yourselves. The benefits of this massage will accompany you for a long time.

Price: 94,00 € for 70 min.
Price: 69,00 € for 50 min.

Ritual for face, head and nape

A dream in which fluid movements enchant your soul and lead it to a world where no stress or frenzy exist. The exotic sesame warm oil loosens the tense of face and head. This will be followed by a sandal peeling that will make you feel pure ecstasy.

Price: 65,00 € für 50 min.

Full body hot stone massage

A fascinating combo between massage, energy and benefit from the hot stones. The entire organism will fill up with new ardour and vitality, the energetic field will be reinforced and achieve a new harmony. The warmth passed by the stones penetrates deep into the skin, stimulating the lymphatic circulation, activating the body’s self healing system and loosening the muscle tense.

Price: 98,00 € for 80 min.

Energy massage with rock crystals

The rock crystal is one of the most renowned and energising precious stones. This massage gently releases energy and strength, loosening the blocks and freeing you from the effects of stress and frenzy. This crystal has effect on many organs against the negative energies and fatigue. After the massage you will get as present a rock crystal pendant, to longer maintain the positive energy flow in your body.

Price: 74,00 € for 50 min.